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At Lime Designs, we take every step possible to keep our new kitchens at the cutting edge of the latest trends. However, as time-served kitchen designers, we also recognise that some of these trends comes and go, while others remain timeless. As a kitchen company, we aim to find the ideal balance of offering contemporary and traditional options that our clients can mix and match as their tastes dictate. Unlike some kitchen showrooms, we listen to our clients and engage with their concepts in order to create kitchens that do their ideas justice.

If you’re thinking of hiring us as your kitchen planners in Leatherhead, but require further inspiration for your ideas, we have taken a look at some of the latest trends currently inspiring new kitchens.

Finding Inspiration

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Two Tone Cabinets

As usually organised spaces, kitchens traditionally have neutral, or at least blocked, design schemes. In a bid to move away from rigid order, and to introduce a little dash of chaos, some homeowners in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas have embraced the two-tone cabinet scheme. As an innovative kitchen company, we always lend our support to such moves.

The conflicting, albeit complimentary shades, add a significant amount of character that make new kitchens truly stand out.

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Appliance Garages

In our role as kitchen planners, we often have to contend with limited space. What’s more, most homeowners understandably don’t want cluttered sides and worktops. Even as a kitchen company, we don’t want that either! As a result, appliance garages have started to appear with increasing regularity in our new kitchens.

Whether it’s a rarely used toaster, a bulky coffee machine or a blender that’s gathering dust, we work-in appliance garages for Leatherhead homeowners looking to keep things neat and tidy. This commitment to our clients’ designs has seen us swiftly become one of the leading kitchen showrooms in the region.

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Broken-Plan Kitchens

As kitchen designers, we recognise that not all trends appeal to everyone. While open-plan living remains incredibly popular, others want to take the edge off a little. This helps to retain the airy nature of open-plan rooms but helps to separate the cooking area from the dining area.

To do this, our kitchen planners integrate a freestanding feature, such as a shelving unit, to act as a barrier between spaces. Alternatively, we can add raised breakfast bars to new kitchens for a similar effect.

Our reputation as one of the leading kitchen showrooms serving Leatherhead has been hard earned, but one we take great pride in. View examples of the results we achieve as kitchen designers by visiting the previous projects page.

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