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When it comes to new kitchens, the subject of flooring doesn’t always immediately surface. We have decades of experience as a kitchen company, so we recognise that aspects like cabinetry, appliances and islands tend to capture the imagination first. However, flooring has a huge impact on the tone and style of the final results we produce as your kitchen designers; and like any other item in kitchen showrooms, it has its own cycle of trends. In our role as kitchen planners, we work in close conjunction with our clients in Guildford and the surrounding areas to ensure the perfect choice of flooring for their new kitchens.

In order to get this aspect of kitchen design off on the right foot, we have taken a look below at some of the trends currently inspiring flooring choices.

Current Flooring Trends

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Grey Floors

In most other aspects of life, grey holds a reputation as lifeless and drab. For kitchen designers, however, it represents a sophisticated, versatile hue that complements practically every type of installation.

Grey floors lend new kitchens a unique, often rugged appearance that delivers outstanding results for traditional and contemporary designs alike. What’s more, grey works as a fantastic base for a wide range of colour schemes due to its relative neutrality. This makes it an ideal choice for kitchen planners looking to create bold contrasts in Guildford homes.

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Contrast Floors

Kitchen showrooms are stocked full of design ideas, and contrast flooring remains a favourite with our kitchen designers. While sticking with one colour remains the safe option, and undoubtedly still creates stunning results, multiple tones deliver a unique ‘wow-factor’.

As kitchen planners, we create flooring with a gradient of colours through a single central shade or pair dark and light tones for a striking juxtaposition. In our role as your kitchen company of choice, we do recommend using softer monochromatic shades for the latter. Think whites, greys and blacks rather than anything too bright as it might become overwhelming.

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Wood Floors

As a kitchen company with half a century of shared experience behind us, it seems somewhat unfair to include wooden floors as a trend as it never truly goes out of fashion. In our role as kitchen designers, we work with wooden flooring to add warmth and character. Until recently, this would primarily have been used in traditional designs, but with the rise of more industrial styles, wooden floors also complement contemporary looks too.

As your kitchen planners of choice, we should advise against ‘over-doing’ the wood in new kitchens. While there’s no doubt of the quality and charm it brings, if our clients in Guildford opt for wooden flooring, worktops and finishes, they run the risk of making their kitchen resemble a treehouse.

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