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Factoring-In Kitchen Islands

In our position as a time-served kitchen company, we recognise the appeal of integrating an island into a dream kitchen. With over 50 years of shared industry experience as kitchen planners, Lime Designs has seen first-hand just how popular this feature is. In reality, our kitchen designers can only integrate islands into rooms with ample space. By squeezing them in, we risk sacrificing the practicality and functionality that we prioritise with our new kitchens. As one of the most respected kitchen showrooms operating in the Esher area, we simply can’t make compromises on quality for such features.

Below, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the issues surrounding kitchen islands in order to clarify whether they would make a good fit for your own project.

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Kitchen Islands | Important Information

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Consider Your Space

In our role as kitchen designers, we consider space for kitchen islands at both ends of the spectrum. First, islands require a surrounding clearance of at least 1 metre. Anything less than this, and the feature looks shoehorned in. While some kitchen showrooms may be willing to perform such dubious design work, it’s something Lime Designs avoids.

Likewise, if your Esher property has a large kitchen, that doesn’t necessitate having a large island. This feature represents a focal point in kitchens at the best of times; creating an unnecessarily large one overshadows the other features drawn up by you and our kitchen planners.

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Appropriate Uses for Islands

Having ascertained that you have the space for an island, it’s equally as important to have a clear vision of how you intend to use it. In our role as your kitchen company, we happily offer guidance and advice in this regard. As an extension of the primary kitchen area, islands have to provide an extra function in some regard.

Popular choices for Esher homeowners include a cooking and preparation area. As the kitchen designers of choice, clients often tell us that they want their island to bridge the space between the cooking and dining areas. This allows the chef to remain involved in the conversation. As kitchen planners, we also recommend considering a sink or dish washing area in these cases.

Integrated seating also features prominently in popular uses for islands. As a kitchen company, we design and install new kitchens that maximise available space, so seating family and friends around a central island creates a communal atmosphere while saving space elsewhere.

If you have your heart set on a kitchen island for your Esher property, speak with one of our kitchens planners to assess your options.

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