Kitchen Showrooms in Cobham
Getting the Most Out of Your Visit

As an increasing amount of retail moves online, homeowners usually don’t see or feel items they buy until they arrive on their doorstep. In our role as kitchen designers serving the Cobham area, Lime Designs strongly recommends the opposite when it comes to kitchen showrooms like ours. As the most important room in any house, new kitchens need to deliver style, function and efficient use of space in equal measure. Our clients can tick every box by having a clear idea of what they want from their kitchen before visiting us as their chosen kitchen company.

In our role as kitchen planners, we do everything possible to turn dream kitchens into stunning realities. In order to take the first step toward this result, we have provided some key points to consider ahead of your visit.

Making the Most of Kitchen Showrooms

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Must-Have Features

New kitchens can look luxurious, but without flexibility and practicality, they fall short of the mark. As kitchen designers, we strive to accommodate the glamorous, high-end features that our clients in Cobham desire, but we also prioritise a fluid, ergonomic finish. Quite simply, if you can’t navigate a kitchen smoothly, you won’t enjoy spending time there.

In this regard, think about the must-have features first. Consider the distance between the furthest counter and the oven, or the placement of the sink. Think about moving hot things from one place to another. With practical considerations handled first, our kitchen planners can help you with the aesthetics that surround them.

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Layout and Spacing

When it comes to kitchen showrooms, it’s sadly not as simple as popping out to pick up some cabinets and appliances, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. While our kitchen designers have a wealth of experience in handling even the tightest of spaces, we also recommend that our clients in Cobham take such limitations into consideration as early as possible. This helps to place realistic expectations on new kitchens, allowing us as your kitchen company to provide a much smoother design and installation process.

Approaches taken by our kitchen planners include building taller, utilising the space above standard-sized cabinets, or using space-saving features like chairs that slot neatly beneath a breakfast bar when not in use. This also allows the bar to be used as an additional countertop.

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Efficient Appliances

Upon visiting kitchen showrooms, homeowners understandably get excited. New kitchens represent dream projects for most Cobham property owners, and when the reality grows ever closer, ideas start to flow. This includes getting slightly carried away with appliances that might look wonderful but have little relation to a practical installation. As a time-served kitchen company, we completely understand!

As kitchen designers, we appreciate American-style refrigerators, double dishwashers and twin ovens as much as anyone. However, if you don’t have a large family, they simply aren’t necessary. In our position as kitchen planners, we prioritise practicality for new kitchens. This ensures a space that suits an individual lifestyle, as well as being stylish, easy to use and simple to maintain.

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